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Where art brings your animal's images to life.

~Whether it's a portrait with your pet's spirit shining from it's eyes,

~ a setting depicting a special moment in time,

~ a collection of photos/videos accompanied by music,


Anim8Pics can do it!


When we photograph or draw a portrait, a mistake we make is to try to idealize the image, while trying to capture that unique individual's character.

In each individual there is an asymmetry in the structure or a distinguishing characteristic which is not always flattering. To ignore or minimize these idiosyncracies is to deny the uniqueness of this individual.

For example, I have a cat with a cowlick at the base of her nose. I am always trying to smooth it down, which is a fruitless task. A portrait of her should include the cowlick.

My portraits include these characteristics, if not emphasize them, in order to bring out the personality of the individual, almost like a caricature.


Introducing Kara

Kara is the newest addition to my Dogs Gallery. Isn't she the cutest pup you've seen in a long time?


The slideshow features Romeo, and aged TWH gelding, Cherokee, a grade Pinto gelding and Phoebe, a Shetland/Donkey mini-mule.

First Rain

Check out this Slide Show with Music, "First Rain", of my horses playing and free walking up the street to pasture.